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Context and Objective

Customer ABC is running a mission critical application on the mainframe platform called BankDemo. BankDemo is a customer maintenance COBOL application using CICS transaction monitor, BMS maps, and VSAM files. It consists of both batch and online processing:

  • Online processing consists of multiple CICS BMS screens. Each screen is accessed via. ‘main menu’. The main menu consists of 6 options. Each option has its own set of screens to process the associated transaction and store data in the VSAM files.

  • Batch processing consists of 2 JCL jobs calling a COBOL program and an IBM utility. COBOL program extracts customer transaction history and print as a report. Whereas, IBM utility creates VSAM files for the application to run.

Below is the high-level functional flow between various screens.


Due to the high operating cost and the customer decision to exit its datacenter, we need to help the customer migrate this application onto AWS.

In this hands-on lab, we are going to use Micro Focus toolset which emulates mainframe middleware capabilities necessary for the application to be ported and recompiled for execution on AWS.

In this chapter, you will be introduced to the BankDemo application and the series of activities you will be performing during the lab.

  1. BankDemo application Overview

  2. Lab Flow