Lab Flow

Execution Flow

Below are the series of steps you will be executing to migrate BankDemo application onto AWS. The overall process consists of:

  1. Mainframe: BankDemo application is currently running on the mainframe platform. To make things simpler for this lab, we have already downloaded the application inventory including source code, VSAM data files, and the configuration files onto the EC2 instance which you are going to work with today.

  2. Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer: Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer is a comprehensive toolset which helps to understand the mainframe application portfolio. It analyzes the application inventory and generates various artifacts including (not limited to) program call chain, component dependencies, missing components, CRUD, inventory metrics and portability assessment report.

  3. Micro Focus Enterprise Developer: Micro Focus Enterprise Developer is specifically designed to provide a contemporary development environment for zEnterprise that enables you to modernize mainframe applications. Enterprise Developer supports IBM COBOL, IBM PL/I, IBM Assembler, IBM CICS, IBM IMS, IBM JCL, IBM DB2, IBM z/OS file formats and common batch utilities, including SORT. This means that you can develop and maintain the core mainframe online and batch applications under Enterprise Developer.

  4. Micro Focus Enterprise Server: Micro Focus Enterprise Server is an application deployment environment for IBM mainframe applications that have been running on the IBM z/OS operating system. Enterprise Server enables you to modernize and integrate your mainframe applications with technologies such as .NET and Java. It also gives you application flexibility across Linux and Windows, containerized or virtual, on AWS.

  5. Aurora database: New Aurora PostgreSQL database instance is created to migrate mainframe VSAM files data into the relational database.

  6. Data Migration: Migrate mainframe VSAM data files onto Aurora PostgreSQL database using Micro Focus Database File Handler (MFDBFH) capability.