1. Restore ES Administration console.

    • Under ‘JES’ dropdown -> select ‘Control’
    • Click on ‘Click or drag and drop to upload file’.


  1. Navigate to C:\Workshop\zOS-Application\JCL
    • Select TRNRPT.jcl
    • Click Open

Select JCL

  1. TRNRPT.jcl should be uploaded successfully.
    • Click Submit


  1. Batch job, ‘TRNRPT’ should be submitted successfully to the JES.
    • After few seconds, click ‘VIEW JOB’

JCL Submitted

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the joblog.
    • Notice job ended successfully message with a return COND CODE 0.
    • View the DD NAME -> PRINTOUT

Job Log

  1. List of transactions for the customer B0001 should be displayed.

Customer B0001 transactions

If you need to re-run the job, then AWS.MF.BANKDEMO.BANKEXT1 and AWS.MF.BANKDEMO.BANKEXT1.OUT datasets should be deleted from the catalog under JES -> Catalog. Otherwise you can receive an Abend S422 with DUPLICATE DATASETS EXISTS.