1. Launch Rumba Software by double clicking on the icon located on the desktop, ‘ESLAB Mainframe Display’.

Rumba Software Icon

  1. Enter CICS transaction-id, ‘BANK’ and hit enter key.

BANK Tran-Id

Refer to chapter-1, Introduction (Read Only) and then select application details section to learn the functional flow of the application to test.

  1. You should be able to successfully login to the BankDemo application. Use the following data to test the application.
    • User id: B0001 to B0036
    • Password: A

BANK Log-in

  1. Enter ‘/’ in front of any menu item to navigate within the migrated application.

BANK Main Menu

  1. BankDemo keeps track of user action and store details in TDQs. To view TDQs.
    • Exit application by pressing {PF3} key.
    • Clear screen by hitting Control + Shift + Z (mac users); Home + Clear (windows users).
    • Enter transaction CEBR and hit enter key.


  1. Type command, ‘get CSSD’ and hit enter key. Use PF7 and PF8 to scroll back and forth to view the queue content.

Get TDQ Data

  1. Type command, ‘put CSSD’ and hit enter key. This will move content back to the TDQ.

Put TDQ Data