Rehosting Legacy Systems to AWS with Stromasys

In this module, we will rehost a SPARC/Solaris legacy environment to AWS via Stromasys Charon. Charon is the brand name of a family of legacy system emulators from Stromasys. Charon software emulates legacy hardware such as SPARC, VAX, Alpha, PDP, or PA-RISC.

Hardware emulation is a fast, cost-effective means of extending the application’s useful life. Stromasys emulation (also called cross-platform virtualization) solutions replace the old hardware by creating virtual replicas on modern Linux platforms, with or without VMware ESXi hypervisor configurations. Thus, the original application and operating environments are preserved. Emulation allows legacy applications, without modification, to take advantage of other cloud benefits such as storage and capacity elasticity as well as new workload resiliency and data redundancy options in a pay-as-you-go model.

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