Introduction (Read Only)

Context and Objective

A customer is running a mission critical Solaris application on premise; however, maintenance cost for running these systems on premise have been increasing as time goes on. The customer has an opportunity to perform a hardware refresh to continue operations as usual, or re-architect the Solaris application for a potential cloud migration. Performing a hardware refresh has been found to be expensive and re-architecting the Solaris platform will not be feasible due to application complexity.

The customer’s CTO has decided that exiting the datacenter would be the most cost effective path for the organization. Therefore, you have been tasked with helping the customer migrate to AWS without changing the legacy application, data, middleware, or operating system.

Hardware emulation is a quick and cost-effective solution to extend the application’s useful life. Emulation, also called cross-platform virtualization, reproduces the legacy hardware behavior in a healthy manner by avoiding physical pitfalls and expensive repairs. It preserves the application’s functionality and operating environment. It also adds flexibility with cloud benefits, such as capacity changes in minutes and a pay-as-you-go model.