Lab Environment Details

Lab Environment Details

The customer’s on-premise environment consists of two subnets: public (10.1.10.x/24) and private (10.1.50.x/24). A Windows bastion host has been deployed in the public subnet for application developers and administrators to access the backend Solaris environments. The bastion server also has the necessary Charon SSP Manager resources to facilitate the migration in scope.

The target AWS environment has a private subnet (10.1.80.x/24). Lastly, a site-to-site VPN connection has been established between the customer’s on-premise and AWS environments.

The graph below depicts the source and target environments.

Stromasys Lab Details

Migration Process

Migration from legacy systems can be done using existing backups, or by creating and transferring them via network or any storage device to Charon. Fresh installation of legacy operating system and applications can also be done on Charon as in the original systems to be replaced.

In this lab, the migrated data will be transferred over the network (site-to-site VPN connection). The steps below describe the migration process and will be explored in-depth in further sections of this lab.

  • Charon SSP Manager Overview and Instance Preparation.
  • Connecting to the Solaris Source Environment.
  • Target Environment Disk Preparation: Geometry and Partition.
  • Target Environment Filesystems and Network Configuration
  • Solaris Migration to Target Environment on Amazon EC2.