Target Environment Configuration

The steps going forward will need to be executed through the Bastion server deployed in this lab. Please see Connect to the Bastion Server to access the lab for information on how to connect to the Bastion server..

  1. Open Charon Manager from the Bastion desktop.

  2. Obtain the Emulator Host IP Address and Password for Emulator Server from the Event Engine dashboard.

If you need assistance obtaining information from the Event Engine dashboard, please see the Getting Started: Login section of this lab.

  1. Enter the IP address and emulator password in the Charon Manager console, and then click Connect.

Charon SSP Connection

The Charon Manager console will display the environments managed by the Charon emulator as shown below. We will be configuring the Target environment. This is where we will be migrating our Solaris environment from the on-premise datacenter.

Charon SSP Connection

  1. In the Charon Manager console, click Tools then Network Settings. You will see that there are three network interfaces:

Charon SSP Network

Select eth2 from the list and copy its MAC address. eth2 is the adapter of the target system being managed by Charon manager.

It is mandatory that the emulator (or any other client) uses the MAC address assigned to the instance by AWS. This applies to all incoming and outgoing packets.

IP setting information for eth2 (target environment) will be empty, that is because the network configuration will need to be done on the Solaris operating system. These steps will be covered in the upcoming sections.

  1. From Network Settings, copy the MAC addresses for the eth2 interface and paste it into a text editor like Notepad.

Charon SSP eth2

  1. Close Network Settings, select the Target environment in Charon Manager, click Virtual Machine, then Virtual Machine Settings. Lastly select the Ethernet device in the Virtual Machine Settings window.

Charon SSP eth2

  1. Select eth2, click Edit, then copy the MAC address obtained from step 5 for eth2, click the Set MAC address option, paste the MAC address from Notepad, and click OK.

Charon SSP eth2

Charon SSP is emulating a HME adapter, which is a SPARC hardware network interface.

  1. Verify that in the Virtual Machine Settings window for the Target environment, the target system has 1 GB of emulated RAM. Click OK when you are done.

Charon SSP eth2

  1. Verify that in the Virtual Machine Settings window for the Target environment, the DIT Optimization is set to Server JIT and that the DIT code cache size is 1024 MB (1 GB). Click OK when you are done.

Charon SSP eth2

In this configuration, the target environment is being allocated 1GB of emulated RAM and an additional 1GB of DIT acceleration (cache). This means that our target system could consume up to 2GB of RAM.