Booting up Migrated Environment

  1. Shutdown the Source Solaris environment
init 0

Charon SSP Connection

  1. Boot up the newly migrated Target Solaris environment
init 0
boot disk1 -r

Charon SSP Connection

The boot command is booting up from disk1 and recreating (-r) the necessary devices for the boot up to the successful.

  1. Now that our Solaris environment is fully migrated, you can logon with the same username and password as the decommissioned Source environment.
Login Password
root stromasys
  1. Feel free to explore the migrated content for /root, /usr, and /home

Charon SSP Connection

  1. The last step is to update the networking configuration of our newly migrated system. We have to ensure that it is properly networked, according to our target infrastructure in AWS.

Please refer to Environment Details for a network architecture of source and target environments for this lab.

The newly migrated Target environment has networking configurations from its emulated Source environment, therefore its network adapter settings will need to be changed as the AWS private subnet is on the network.

Obtain the Destination Environment Private IP Address from the Event Engine dashboard. In this step, we will define the target environment IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. Run the command below, where the [DESTINATION IP ADDRESS] is the IP address obtained from the Event Engine dashboard.

ifconfig hme0 [DESTINATION IP ADDRESS] netmask up

Charon SSP Connection

If you need assistance obtaining information from the Event Engine dashboard, please see the Getting Started: Login section of this lab.

  1. Configure a network route for the default gateway by executing the command below.
route add default 1

Charon SSP Connection

  1. Verify the network configuration by running the following commands below
ifconfig -a

Charon SSP Connection

  1. If you recall from the Connecting to Source Environment Section, the Source Solaris application had a running Postgres database that was also in scope of migration. Ensure that the database engine was migrated successfully to the Target system by querying it via the command below.

Charon SSP Connection

  1. To receive your training badge for this lab from Stromasys, please copy screenshots of completed Steps 7 and 8 into a document and send to

This concludes the migration of our Solaris environment. The target environment disk geometry, disk partition, and file system structure had to be configured to host the Solaris system. We only focused on migrating the data and running application from source to target servers. This is because Stromasys Charon SSP emulated our legacy hardware (Sun SPARC) providing us with a quick and simple solution by avoiding physical pitfalls and expensive hardware repairs.

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We look forward to seeing you on another Migration Immersion Day session soon!