Target Environment Cleanup

To ensure that our target system boots up successfully after the /root, /usr, and /home data has been migrated. A series of cleanup tasks will need to be performed.

  1. Execute the commands below to remove the old device tree and disks definitions that were potentially transferred from Source to Target environment.
rm -r /mnt/devices/*
rm /mnt/dev/dsk/*
rm /mnt/dev/rdsk/*
rm /mnt/etc/path_to_inst

Charon SSP Connection

  1. Execute the commands below to recreate hardware database, links, and disk definitions.
touch /mnt/etc/path_to_inst
drvconfig -r /mnt/devices -p /mnt/etc/path_to_inst
devlinks -r /mnt
disks -r /mnt
tapes -r /mnt
ports -r /mnt

Charon SSP Connection

  1. In case some devices were not created from the initial process, it is best practice to run the command below to copy them from the Solaris CDROM
cd /
tar cf - devices | (cd /mnt/; tar xpf -)

Charon SSP Connection

  1. In the earlier section, Target Environment Disk Preparation: Geometry and Partition, we ensured that Target disk geometry and partitions were configured the same way as the Source environment. Proper preparation made this migration exercise straightforward. However, it is best practice to verify the partition table before unmounting the temporary mount points and booting up the target environment.

  2. Unmount the temporary mount points.

umount /mnt/home
umount /mnt/usr
umount /mnt