Re-Host & Re-Platform

Migration Immersion Day workshop is an initiative that emulates an on-premise environment which allows customers to execute a migration to AWS. The migration flow is aligned with Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) best practices and includes steps from the Assessment, Mobilize and Migrate phases.

This workshop uses an emulated on-premise environment with AWS EC2 servers, configured in a way that mimics a customers’ environment, with private and public networks, DNS server, pre-installed applications and a bastion host.

This is and intermediate level workshop designed for Solutions Architects, SysOps, ServerOps, InfraOps, and Migration specialists, who are looking to take first steps into discovery (AWS Application Discovery Service and AWS Migration Hub) re-host (lift and shift with CloudEndure) and re-platform (databases to Amazon Aurora) migration methodologies.

To move forward with this workshop, it is required that the participants are familiar with:

  • Connecting to a Microsoft Windows Server using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Connecting to Linux servers using Putty
  • Basic Linux Bash commands
  • Basic Windows PowerShell commands
  • AWS Console
  • Basic DNS and domain name resolution
  • The following AWS Services (EC2, CloudFormation)

Materials needed:

  • A computer (Linux, Windows or Mac)
  • Internet connectivity with outbound access to RDP protocol (TCP port 3389).
  • A valid AWS Account - This item is optional - You can run Migration Immersion Day from your own account (Administrator privilege required) and we will provide the CloudFormation to create the emulated environment for you.

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  1. Understand how migration projects works
  2. Discover servers and applications using AWS Application Discovery Service
  3. Group servers as applications using AWS Migration Hub
  4. Migrate servers with CloudEndure
  5. Migrate databases with AWS Database Migration Service
  • ADS: 1 Hour
  • CloudEndure: 1 Hour
  • DMS: 1.5 Hour
  • Migration Factory: 2 Hours

For customers who are running this workshop on their own accounts, the estimated cost in AWS resources are between USD$10 to USD$15 for a ~8 Hour lab duration and N. Virginia as the selected region. Make sure you terminate the CloudFormation and delete all the created resources during this lab after it’s completion.