Create your ADS credential

Before installing ADS agents, it is important to create the IAM credentials required to install ADS agents. On this Lab, the ADS IAM user have already been created, so we will proceed only collecting the Access Key and Secret Access Key for the ADS user.

In this exercise, you perform the following tasks:

  • Log on AWS Console
  • Create the Access Key and Secret Access Key for ADS user

Create ADS Credentials

  1. Open AWS Console
  2. In the AWS Console, Navigate to Services > Security, Identity & Compliance > IAM
  3. In the IAM screen, click on Users. Find the user named ADSUser.
  4. In the ADSUser Summary screen, Select Security Credentials. Click on Create Access Key. user_credential
  5. Download the .csv file and rename as ADSUser.csv as the information on this file will be used later. downloadkey

Don’t forget to save the IAM credential .csv file as it will be used later