EC2 instance Recommendations

Let us explore the EC2 instance recommendation feature in Migration Hub to estimate the cost of running your existing servers in AWS. This feature analyzes the details about each server, including server specification, CPU, and memory utilization data. The compiled data is then used to recommend the least expensive Amazon EC2 instance type that can handle the existing performance workload.


Before you can get Amazon EC2 instance recommendations, you must have data about your on-premises servers in Migration Hub. This data can come from the discovery tools (Discovery Connector or Discovery Agent) or from Migration Hub import. For the purpose of this lab we going to use Application Discovery Agent

Generating Amazon EC2 Recommendations:

1. In the Migration Hub service console, left pane go to Assess -> EC2 Instance Recommendations , choose Get Started


2. In the Export EC2 instance recommendations page under Sizing preferences choose Average utilization from the drop down for CPU/RAM sizing.

3. Under Instance type preferences choose Region as US West (Oregon) from the drop down menu. Next for Tenancy choose Shared Instances, for Pricing Model choose On-Demand


4 Optionally, choose any Amazon EC2 instance type exclusions to prevent specific types of instances from appearing in your recommendations. For the purpose of the lab we are not choosing any option. Feel free to explore this section.


5 When you’re done setting your preferences, choose Export recommendations as shown in the above screenshot. This will begin generating your recommendations.

6 When the process is complete, your browser will automatically download a compressed archive (ZIP) file, containing a comma-separated values (CSV) file with your recommendations.


The results of this analysis only provide recommendations and do not obligate you to any further actions. Selections and preferences for your EC2 instance(s) are made at your sole discretion.