Install ADS agents to the VMs

1. From the Bastion host, connect to each server from the list bellow. The necessary tools to connect are already installed in the bastion host.

  • For Linux VMs, use Putty or SSH.
  • For Windows VMs use Remote Desktop.
Server Name FQDN OS Username Password
wordpress-web wordpress-web.onpremsim.env Linux user check team dashboard
wordpress-db wordpress-db.onpremsim.env Linux user check team dashboard
ofbiz-web ofbiz-web.onpremsim.env Linux user check team dashboard
ofbiz-db ofbiz-db.onpremsim.env Linux user check team dashboard

If you are using your own AWS account instead of EventEngine, please use the password provided during the CloudFormation launch


2. Download and install the agents as per the following instructions:

# Linux

curl -o ./aws-discovery-agent.tar.gz
tar -xzf aws-discovery-agent.tar.gz
sudo bash install -r "us-west-2" -k "<AWS key id>" -s "<AWS key secret>"

# Windows

Import-Module BitsTransfer
Start-BitsTransfer -Source "" -Destination "C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\"
msiexec.exe /i c:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\AWSDiscoveryAgentInstaller.msi REGION="us-west-2" KEY_ID="<aws key id>" KEY_SECRET="<aws key secret>" /q

For Windows commands use POWERSHELL.

Replace < AWS key id > and < AWS key secret > with the information downloaded during the ADS user key creation step.

Copy the commands below to notepad.exe and replace the < AWS key id > and < AWS key secret > values.

4. Repeat the steps until all Linux and Windows instances have the agent installed.