Start Data Collection

Now that you have deployed and configured the Discovery Agent, you must complete the final step of actually turning on its data collection process. You start the Discovery Agent data collection process on the Data Collectors page of the Migration Hub console.

To start data collection:

1. In the AWS Console, open Services, Migration & Transfer, AWS Migration HUB.

If at any time Data Exploration in Amazon Athena is requested to be enabled, please do so.

2. In the Migration Hub navigation pane, choose Data Collectors.

Data Collectors

3. Choose the Agents tab.

Agent Tab

4. Select the check box of the agent you want to start.

If you installed multiple agents but only want to start data collection on certain hosts, the Hostname column in the agent’s row identifies the host the agent is installed on.

5. Click on Start data collection.

Start Data Collectors

It takes approximately 15 minutes for agents to start collecting data.

6. In the upper right corner, make sure “Data exploration in Amazon Athena” is enabled.

Data Exploration