Viewing Network Connections

Viewing network connections in AWS Migration Hub allows you to visualize a server’s dependencies. The visualization of these dependencies helps you verify all of the resources required to successfully migrate each of your applications to Amazon Web Services.

You view network connections by using the network diagram. When using the network diagram, you can visually review large amounts of data to understand what server dependencies exist. Understanding these server dependencies helps you plan how to group together the needed resources to support an application for migration to AWS.


AWS Application Discovery Service Discovery Agent must be running on all of the on-premises servers that you want mapped in the diagram.

To use the network diagram:

1. Similar to the steps followed while browsing the server data, under the Migration Hub navigation pane,under Discover, choose a Server.

Select Server

2. Choose the Network tab. The icon for the server you choose is centered in the network diagram. Connections fan out from the center server to servers that are directly connected to the server you choose.

Network Tab

3. The following screenshot shows the parts of the network diagram.

Network Diagram

4 Select the two Wordpress servers node icon wordpress-web and wordpress-db individually by clicking on the Select server tab on the right pane of the diagram

selectwordpres sservers

5 After you select the wordpress servers, you can create an application, or add to an existing one, by choosing Group as application. For this lab we will create a new application by choosing Group as application

Group Application

6 Choose Group as a new application with the Application name Wordpress and choose Group

New Application

Explore the network diagram of few servers and the toolbar pane on the left to familiarize with the Network Diagram feature.

For actual production migration it is recommended that the Discovery Agent server data should be collected for two to six weeks before you can use the network diagram to view established connection patterns.