Group Applications using Migration Hub

Some of your discovered servers might need to be migrated together to remain functional. In this case, you can logically define and group discovered servers into applications. As part of the grouping process, you can search, filter, and add tags.

To group servers into a new or existing application

The following steps will demonstrate how to group applications using Migration Hub

  1. Open AWS Console and Select Services, Migration & Transfer, Migration Hub
  2. In the Migration Hub navigation pane, choose Servers.
  3. In the servers list, select each server that you want to group into a new or existing application. Use the information obtained in the Athena analysis exercise.
  4. Optional: For each selected server, choose Add tag, type a value for Key, and then optionally type a value for Value.
  5. Choose Group as application to create your application, or add to an existing one.
  6. In the Group as application dialog box, choose Group as a new application or Add to an existing application.
  7. If you chose Group as a new application, type a name for Application name. Optionally, you can type a description for Application description.
  8. If you chose Add to an existing application, select the name of the application to add to in the list.
  9. Choose Save.

Repeat the steps above grouping the applications you just discovered in your environment.

Use reports created in Athena to group servers by affinity, as a WEB Server with it related Database Server.

Explore the “EC2 Instance Recommendations” in the Migration Hub to see the suggested instance types for the servers your collected.

This is the end of this module