Configure your CloudEndure account

In order to use CloudEndure, you will need to create a free CloudEndure account and then create a CloudEndure Project, where you will configure migration settings such as: a replication destination location in the AWS cloud and the necessary IAM credentials to access your AWS account.

1. If you don’t have a CloudEndure account, please create one by visiting this product page:

CloudEndure Registration Page

Enter your e-mail address and create a new password for your CloudEndure account and click Submit. You will receive a message with instructions to finish the process.

Please remember to check your e-mail and activate your CloudEndure account

CloudEndure Migration licenses are free of charge.

2. Log into the CloudEndure User Console.

3. You will create a new Migration Project by clicking the “+” sign.

Project Creation

Fill in the fields for Migration Project type. Select Migration for Project Type .

Project Creation

After creating the project, you will receive a welcome message and the UI prompts you to setup the project. Click Start then click Continue


Project Setup

4. Navigate to Setup & Info from the main left-hand navigational menu.

Within Setup & Info, navigate to the AWS CREDENTIALS tab.

CE AWS User Credential

Please use the CloudEndureUser IAM credentials created in the previous step into the corresponding fields. The information can be find in the .csv file

  • AWS Access Key ID
  • AWS Secret Access Key

After you entered your IAM credentials, click the Save button at the bottom right of the page.

5. Navigate to the REPLICATION SETTINGS page:

On this page we will define settings like live migration target region and subnet settings, proxy settings for the CloudEndure Replication Server, optimizations for Cloud VPN or Interconnect, and network bandwidth throttling settings for replication traffic.

Configure the following REPLICATION SETTINGS as per shown below:

Key Value
Live Migration Source Other Infrastructure
Live Migration Target AWS US West (Oregon)
Choose the subnet where the Replication Servers will be launched Target Public

CE Settings

Leave the rest of the settings as-is.

If the subnet “Target Public” doesn’t show up in your list, refresh your browser session (F5).

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click SAVE REPLICATION SETTINGS on the bottom right corner.

7. Congratulations. Your CloudEndure project is set up. Click on Close

ce setup