Migrate using CloudEndure

Perform CloudEndure Live Migration Cutover

In a real-world application migration, once you have completed all of your testing and are ready to fully transition your machines to the target cloud, you should perform the Cutover Mode action. The applications provided in this workshop have already been tested to work in the cloud, so you can proceed with the cutover mode directly.

Every time you perform the Cutover Mode action, CloudEndure deletes any previously created test instances and creates new Target instances that are up to date with the original Source instances.

It is a best practice to perform a test migration at least one week before you plan to cutover to your target machines. This time frame is intended to identify potential problems and solve them, before the actual cutover takes place.

1. To begin the Cutover, first verify that all instances are in a state of Continuous Data Replication as shown under the DATA REPLICATION PROGRESS column.

2. If they are in this state, select checkboxes for the servers that you want to migrate at the same time. Select the servers that belong to the same application (e.g., Wordpress-WEB and Wordpress-DB servers belongs the Wordpress application). On this exercise select all the servers.

Continuous Data Replication

3. Select the LAUNCH TARGET MACHINES button in the top right corner click on the Cutover Mode option, read the disclaimer and click the CONTINUE button.


Cutover Continue

4. At this point, CloudEndure will perform a final sync/snapshot on each instance and begin the process of building new servers into the new target infrastructure, all while maintaining data consistency. You will receive a notice in the top right corner of the screen stating that Target machines are being launched. See Job Progress for details.

Job Progress

5. Click on the CLOSE button and you will notice a blue details hyperlink appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on this link to monitor the progress of the Cutover migration

6. Watch the CloudEndure Job Progress log for a few minutes and look for the Finished starting converters log entry. Click Close.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Job Progress log and look for the following three entries to confirm that the Cutover migration has completed successfully (as shown below).

Job Progress

Once confirmed, click the CLOSE button to close the Job Progress log.

The User Console will also indicate that the job has finished by showing a temporary dialog on the top-right.

Note that the entire Test/Cutover process within this lab typically takes roughly 10 minutes to complete.