Configure CloudEndure blueprint

While the instances are being replicated, you will need to prepare for the CloudEndure Migration cutover.

To do so, you must first configure a CloudEndure feature known as a Target Machine Blueprint. The Target Machine Blueprint is a set of instructions that specify how an EC2 Target machine (replicated instance) should be launched.

The Blueprint settings will serve as the base settings for creation of the Target machine, such as desired machine type (i.e. vCPU/RAM), subnet location, private IP address, and disk type.

1. Select the Machines tab within the CloudEndure User Console (as shown below).


2. To configure the Target Machine Blueprints, first select a server by clicking on it as shown below. You will be redirected to the server blueprint screen.


3. Enter the following values within the BLUEPRINT section and click the SAVE BLUEPRINT button when done (as shown below):

Key Value
Machine Type: t3.medium
Subnet: TargetPrivate
Security Groups: TargetSecurityGroup and Default
Private IP address: Create New
Public IP (ephemeral): No
Disks SSD

Scroll down blueprint page to visualize all the configurations

Leave all other parameters as-is


4. Repeat this process to create blueprints for all machines that have the CloudEndure agent installed.

If the Subnet parameter doesn’t list TargetPrivate, refresh your browser session (F5)