Install CloudEndure agents

The next step in setting up CloudEndure Live Migration is to install the CloudEndure Replication Agent on each machine and begin replication from the source environment to the AWS target environment.

In this exercise, you perform the following tasks:

  • Obtain CloudEndure Agent Installation Token and Agent Installer at CloudEndure Machines page
  • Login each of the servers in the source environment to download and install the CloudEndure Agent
  • Monitor the Initial Sync process from the CloudEndure Dashboard until it is complete

1. On the CloudEndure navigation menu on the left hand side, click Machines, which will show instructions titled: How To Add Machines. You can also get to the How To Add Machines page by clicking the question mark (?) at the top-right corner of CloudEndure User Console. The How To Add Machines page provides the CloudEndure Agent Installation Token and instructions for downloading and running Agent Installer on source server.

Show me how

2. Connect to the Bastion Host, then from inside the Bastion host, connect to each server from the list bellow. The necessary tools to connect to the servers to be migrated are already installed in the bastion host.

  • For Linux VMs, use Putty. A shortcut is already in the bastion host desktop putty
Server Name FQDN OS Username Password
wordpress-web wordpress-web.onpremsim.env Linux user check team dashboard
wordpress-db wordpress-db.onpremsim.env Linux user check team dashboard
ofbiz-web ofbiz-web.onpremsim.env Linux user check team dashboard
ofbiz-db ofbiz-db.onpremsim.env Linux user check team dashboard

If you are using your own AWS account instead of EventEngine, please use the password defined during the CloudFormation launch


3. Download and install the agents as per the following instructions:

Switch back to the CloudEndure Console web-page. At the “Machines” page, select “How To Add Machines”, copy and paste the commands for downloading and running the CloudEndure Agent Installer.

Install instructions

Repeat the steps until all the servers servers listed on the table above have the agent installed

4. Navigate back to the CloudEndure User Console and click on the Dashboard side-bar menu, as shown below. You will notice that there are objects (instances) currently in the Initial Sync phase which are being replicated to the AWS US West (Oregon) region. The instances will undergo several stages until they are completely synced with the CloudEndure User Console and all data has been successfully replicated.

Install instructions

The Initial Sync is comprises several steps:

  1. Creating firewall rules.
  2. Creating the replication server.
  3. Booting the replication server.
  4. Resolving the CloudEndure Service Manager address in the replication server.
  5. Authenticating the replication server with the CloudEndure Service Manager.
  6. Downloading the CloudEndure replication software to the replication server.
  7. Creating staging disks.
  8. Attaching the staging disks to the replication server.
  9. Pairing the CloudEndure User Agent with the replication server.
  10. Establishing communication between the CloudEndure Agent and the replication server.

Use the Machines page to monitor the Initial Sync status.

Once the Initial Sync is complete, the final status will be shown as Continuous Data Replication. That is the desireable status as it indicates that all changes in the source server are being synched to the CloudEndure replication server.