Monitor CloudEndure replication

1. Switch back to the CloudEndure User Console browser tab and click on the Machines menu on the left side of the screen to view the data replication progress of each individual server (as shown below).


2. Wait until all instances are fully replicated and marked as Continuous Data Replication (as shown below). While waiting, feel free to explore the console and analyze the Event Log, Job Progress, Machines, and Dashboard menu options.

Continuous Data Replication

In a real-world application migration, you will want to launch the target servers in Test Mode to confirm that the source systems were properly replicated and that they will function as designed in their new environment. CloudEndure helps orchestrate test and cutover events without impacting the source application. Users and systems can continue to access the source servers while the target machines are launched in Test Mode.

Make sure all servers listed are in Continuous Data Replication before moving to the next section. It could take up to 20 minutes to finish the replication.