PostgreSQL (OFBiz) ofbiztenant

PostgreSQL (OFBiz) - ofbiztenant database

  1. Go to Services, Database Migration Services. Then, click on Database migration tasks. After, click on Create task. Create DMS replication task

  2. In Task configuration, use:

    • Task identifier: OFBiz-ofbiztenant-PostgreSQL-to-Aurora
    • Replication instance: mid-repinst-ofbiz
    • Source database endpoint: sourceofbiz-ofbiztenant
    • Target database endpoint: targetofbiz-ofbiztenant
    • Migration Type: Migrating existing data
    • Start task on create: Check

    All other settings can be used as the default values. Select DMS replication task

  3. On Table mappings, select Guided UI. Expand Selection rules and click on Add new selection rule Select DMS replication task

  4. The rule determines what will be replicated. In Selection Rules, use the settings (Note that % symbol means ALL):

    • Schema: Enter a schema
    • Schema name: %
    • Table name: %
    • Action: Include

    Then, click on Create task. Select DMS replication task

  5. Now, your replication from the EC2 database instance to Aurora MySQL is running and the data started to be replicated. DMS task running wordpress

Monitor your tasks

Now that your migration tasks are running, we have to monitor them and wait until the status Load complete

DMS task running wordpress