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Copy and Paste

When instructed to copy a command, please click in the icon on the tray window to copy it to the clipboard copypaste

Using RDP to connect to the bastion host

Connect to the bastion host using Remote Desktop. You can obtain your Bastion IP Address, username and password in your Event Engine dashboard. If you are running this lab in your own AWS account, the bastion Public IP Address is present in CloudFormation Output called “BastionRDP”, the username is “Administrator” and the password will be the same that you put as a parameter when you launched the CloudFormation.

Windows Users

  • Windows Remote Desktop Icon: RDP Win Icon
  • Windows Remote Desktop Interface: RDP Win

Mac Users

  • MacOs Remote Desktop Icon: RDP Win Icon
  • MacOS Remote Desktop Interface: RDP Win

Copy and Paste 2

During this lab, we will execute steps that requires copying and pasting content from the AWS Console to Microsoft Notepad or Microsoft command prompt.

There are multiple ways you can copy and paste. In case you’re facing any problems to copy and paste, just try the following technique:

copy and paste

Please note that pasting passwords will not be displayed on the screen for security reasons.